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Love My Lotto Leading Multi SyndicateWhat is it and what are your chances of winning?

If you love to play the lotto, but would also like to increase your chances of actually winning some money, then one website that you may like to consider trying is lovemylotto. The only problem here is that you may not actually know what it’s all about, but if that is indeed the case, the information that follows should be rather useful.

Basically, what happens with this website is that you pay a certain amount of money per month, which is not very much, you then join a syndicate and take part in a number of different draws across various lottery games. The idea here is that even though any prize is going to be shared between the group you do at least increase your chances of winning simply by playing more games, but the question that you may have right now is how many games you play and also, how much it costs.

This website has three different membership levels to choose from and with these levels you have – bronze, silver, and gold. The cost to you each month starts from £12 to £24 and then finally £36.  As you would expect, the more games you take part in the more you pay each month. What follows is a brief summary of each plan.With the basic Bronze package you are given a total of 360 chances to win, with the Silver package you have 763 and with the Gold you get 1274 chances. You also receive a lot more! See chart below…


You will now see how you have so many different chances to win in a month and as you move up the different amounts these chances will increase to 763 with the silver and 1274 with the gold as you get more lines in various draws that take place during the week.

So how likely are you to actually win when you join one of their syndicates?

To answer this it is perhaps best to look at the success rate, along with how successful syndicates are in general and the first thing you should know is that it is a fact that an amazing one in four jackpots are won by being a part of a syndicate, so you can imagine now, how profitable it can be.

The other main statistic that you may like to know about is that 95.7% of their members have won a prize in the last 12 months alone and considering you do not have to worry about forgetting to buy a ticket or standing in queues. It makes a lot of sense to just join a group here and watch as those numbers are drawn.

So if you wish to increase your chances of winning the lottery, then do yourself a favour and take a look at the opportunities that are available through lovemylotto.

Joining a syndicate through them doesn’t cost a lot nor does it take you long to sign up and increase your chances of winning and when you consider that over 95% of their members have won money, can you afford to miss out?

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